Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cars, tears, and grilled cheese sandwiches

The car is demised. Or at least extremely ill. I hope it can be fixed for relatively low cost. It has served me well for many many years and has depreciated accordingly. We may need to replace rather than repair. We shall soon see. In the meantime, getting to and from work should be an interesting experience.


You have not truly appreciated a grilled cheese sandwich until you have watched a small boy attempt to eat one with a spoon. Most enjoyoable.

Tonight, J also tried to eat banana pieces with a spoon. The spoon is the utensil of choice, apparently. Fun to play with, too!


J only cried for about two minutes tonight. He was exhausted. He wouldn't even let me finish storytime, and just insisted on bed. He was still unimpressed to be put down without the customary snuggles, but things are improving. Hopefully it will keep getting better over time.

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