Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stop vandalizing my garden! I mean it!!

Yes, I know that the yard is not fenced in the front or back just yet. But that does not mean that my yard is a shortcut from the alley to the street! It is a private yard! It is my private property! Stay the [insert expletive here] out!!

It's not even that convenient. Just now, there are giant drifts of snow that you have to get through. Why would you do that, instead of just going down the alley like you are supposed to? Do that! And seriously, stay out of my yard!!

It's bad enough when I see your footprints in the snow beside the house. That is still trespassing. And it is still unacceptable. But I don't get overly excited about it. But for the love of all that is holy, when you actually duck down under my chokecherry tree and walk right through the middle of my flower garden, crushing my spireas and destroying my moonlights, I swear to God I want to have you killed!

You'd better pray I never find out who you are, you stinky little toad.

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