Friday, June 23, 2006

School thoughts

The schedule is out. Enrolment starts July 11. Courses are being offered. Fine order this time around. I assume I passed MS1. If not, all bets are off, and this whole thing will change.

Fall, there is only one that I can take: FA3. They've changed the requirements; I'll have a midterm assignment. Ugh! I only hope it wasn't as bad as the assignment for MS1.

Winter, there are a few courses that I need. And if I can persuade the Association to assume that I've passed FA3 without first verifying my grade, I will be tempted to take TX1. It's a Level 4 course, and apparently it's absolutely brutal. But taking it would enable me to try for that Award of Excellence that I'd like to get. Besides, I'm doing a lot of tax stuff at work, and knowing more about it would certainly be helpful. Especially since I could get through it before next tax season. Wouldn't that be helpful?

In spring, I'd like to take QU1. Then I'll be through all of the Level 2 courses. Woot!

And in summer, they are finally starting to offer foundation level courses! Since EM1 is being offered in summer, I was thinking it might be good to take it then, and finally finish off my Level 1.

Doing it that way, I'll be through the brutal TX1 course (my first Level 4 course), and I'll only have one more course + a business case to finish up Levels 1-3.

Alternatively, I could go for a nice easy year (comparatively). FA3, EM1, QU1, BC1 (again, assuming the Association will operate under the assumption that I've passed QU1 and EM1 without verifying my grades). Less stress. Less work. Only one course away from finishing up Levels 1-3. But sadly, no qualification for the Award of Excellence, and no learning about tax.

And if the Association will not operate under an assumption of a passing grade and won't let me register in courses without grade verification, then my options are more limited and will probably be FA3, QU1, EM1, and MA2. Again, that's one Level 4 course, and it puts me one course + a business case away from finishing Levels 1-3. But the Level 4 course falls too late in the year to qualify me for the Award of Excellence, and it's in summer, when I'd prefer to not be doing weekly assignments. Ugh!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I'll check with the Association to see if they'll be willing to assume I passed and allow me to register for courses without confirmation of passing grades in the prerequisites. If not, I'll consider whether I feel like taking a course next summer. Maybe I'll just take that summer off too. Seems a shame, though. It's taking me long enough to do this program; I hate putting stuff off.


On a different note, today was a much better day. I did nothing to mess up the computer, and my car is fixed. I had lots of work to keep me busy, and the baby was in good spirits tonight and went to bed early, after some good play time. I have a chiropractic appointment. I am happy. I am at peace.

I am ... asleep.

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Mary said...

Glad to know your Friday was better. Let's hope more better days are ahead.