Sunday, June 11, 2006

My water baby

Yesterday, J had pancakes with maple syrup at breakfast. He thought they were yummy. We were pleased.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to L&P's place for a barbecue. J ate his usual Minigo type fare, but also enjoyed a Digestive biscuit. He stunned me when, while chewing on my locket, he managed to undo the chain and pull the entire loose locket into his mouth. Fortunately, I noticed before he tried to swallow it, and I fished it out. The picture inside is ruined, but it was outdated anyway. Time for a new photo.

Today, J had toast with crabapple jelly for breakfast. We went to church this morning, and really enjoyed it. I think we will go back to that church; it seems like a good place.

This afternoon, H and I took J to a barbecue that my new moms network had arranged. It was good to see everyone again; I haven't seen them since I went back to work. J enjoyed a bun, some ground beef, and some processed cheese. He was doing well, until he shoved too much bun into his mouth at one time; then he gagged and threw up. But he kept eating his ground beef and cheese afterwards. More table foods - always good. I hope we'll soon be able to get J off the baby food completely.


J loves bath time. He really loves bath time.

After returning home from the barbecue this afternoon, we concluded that J should have a bath. (He wasn't smelling like his usual April fresh self, after having thrown up.) So we decided to bathe him.

I held the still fully-clothed J in my arms, and started to run his bath. Temperature seemed good. I stopped the drain, and added some bubbles. Squirmy J tried to climb down into the tub while still fully clothed. I held him tightly, refusing to allow J to get his little Robeez soaked in the tub. He screamed, demanding his bath right that minute. Resolutely, I marched him into his bedroom, laid him out on the changetable, and got him undressed and ready for his bath. He screamed the whole time.

I carried the now bath ready J back into the bathroom, and stood him by the tub while I checked the water temperature. J was still unimpressed that he was not in the water. The water was too hot. I ran some cold water, to cool the water off a bit. J waited impatiently, and then peed on the bathmat to express his displeasure.

Finally, the bath was ready. I put J in his tub ring, and gave him his bath. He played with all his tub toys, and laughed and laughed. And the J saw that it was bath time, and it was good.

After the bath, I wrapped J in his towel, and dried him off. And then I gave him his baby lotion massage. Today, this made him giggle. A lot. He usually doesn't giggle so much. It must have tickled for some reason.


Tonight, I lay close to J and tried to convince him that it was bed time. J insisted that it was not. He drank his milk, sucked on his soother, stood up, sat down, laid down, crawled around, and generally played instead of relaxing as I wanted him to. I talked to my mother on the phone while waiting for J to settle down. We discussed the words that J is learning. He can say "Mama", "Daddy", "Up", and "Baby". As I said each word into the phone, J repeated the word. He continued this until I hung up the phone. But once I hung up, J refused to speak to me any further! I assume he was just showing off for Grandma.


Life is good. I enjoy my life. It's a most pleasant feeling to sit back and contemplate your life as it is now, and your life as you'd like it to be, and then to realize that the two are not so far apart after all.

I love my life. I want what I have. I just want more of it. All things I'll have in time. And that's pretty cool.

I feel grateful. Grateful to my friends. Grateful to my family. Grateful to my God. The world is a beautiful place, and it makes me happy.

Life is good.

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Liz said...

I can't put bubbles in Izzy and Gemma's bath because they insist on drinking the bathwater. Nothing I say can convince them that bathwater is for washing not for drinking.

I totally identify with what you said about being content with life. I am so happy with my life too. I think I am in just the right spot. I have everything that I need right now and the little luxuries that I desire are on their way to me too.

God has blessed us richly. My cup is overflowing. :-)