Thursday, June 22, 2006

The "Kill Your Computer?" button should be grayed out!!

I have had a day even I can't believe!

Entry-level work in short supply today. Office is hopping, but it's mostly senior level work just now, and I can't do that yet. And so I was on the prowl. Need help? Yeah. It was mostly an admin-y type of day. At one point, I was making cold calls. Not a lot of fun, but I'll take it.

Crick in neck. Pain in back. Arms going numb. Ow.

Nearing end of day. Get some work. Pretty basic stuff. Sit down to do first thing on list. Has already been done. Oops. Not a big deal. On to the next one.

Simple. Start project. Get through the hardest part of it. Hit save. Error message. Save again? Error message. Desperately try to save. Error messages. Save to a different directory? Error message. Save to a different drive? And ... Error message. One last try to original location. Finally saves. To ... all ... three ... locations.

No big deal, right? Delete files in alternate locations and keep good location. Good, right? Not so much. Try to open file in its program, and the program directory still shows three copies of same file in three different locations. Try to open the deleted versions, and receive the inevitable error message; file cannot be found. Proper location still works. Why are deleted files still showing up in my directory?? And how can I fix it???

Select a deleted file. Click on "Index" button. Choose "Clear". This should work; I want the deleted file cleared from the index. Popup. Am I sure? Yes. Yes, I'm sure. New popup appears that seems to be counting down as though a bomb is about to explode. Quickly hit "Cancel", but it's too late. Entire database index is deleted. All files. Ever. Rush to a different computer. Is the index there? Index is on the network, and has now been deleted from all computers in the office. Head explodes.

People have left for the day. No one in IT to call. Who can help me? Look at phone list.

And at this moment, H phones me. I get curt; must get off the phone and get some help. Have single-handedly destroyed several years of documentation, and must get it back now. Right now. People need it. Right now. Go away.

Find someone who can help. Thank God! Restore index. Restore takes a good 45 minutes. And computer can't multitask while restore application is running. Whatever. Sit there and stare at screen. Pray this works. Phone H back and apologize for being curt. H doesn't answer the phone. Apologize to machine.

Restore is still happening. Finally talk to H. H was on the phone. H's mom has lost her keys, and needs some help tonight. We must go over. Absolutely.

Owner afraid, 'cause computer not working. Explain situation. Owner stares at me in complete disbelief, and I say something like "In my defence, that button should be grayed out!" Owner agrees. Mental notes are made to speak with IT about making that happen.

Restore finally done. Leave and drive home. Arrive at home. Change clothes. Go to Mom's. Look for keys. There are no keys. Well, there are, but we absolutely can't find them. No idea where they may be. Take Mom down for evening entertainment - jam session and singalong tonight. H and J stay to hang out with Mom, and I go to get a new key cut. Home Depot. They will cut keys. The super has said so. ("You can do it, we can help". Not so much.)

Wander around Home Depot. Where can I get a key cut? Tools. Right. Wander through tools. See no one. Next aisle. Where can I get a key cut? Tools. But there's no one there. Page put out. Young girl arrives. Looks nervous. She might be able to cut the key; she's not sure. Goes through all of the keys in the aisle. Moves to a different aisle. Goes through the rest of the keys. Runs off, and grabs two additional people. The group looks through all of the keys, and then delivers the following astounding line: "This is a Rona key. We don't have these. All our keys are too long, so they won't work. You'll have to go to Rona. Or maybe ... WALMART!!!"

Gnash teeth. Go to Rona.

Wander around Rona. Where can I get a key cut? Tools. Right. No one there. Page put out. Guy in tools gets waylaid by woman who wants to know everything about every single doorknob they carry. Eventually comes and cuts key. Woman actually buys doorknob. Amazing.

Go to pay. Cashiers are swamped. Everyone else is buying out the store, and I have a little $1.50 key in a bag. I give up. Go to customer service. Will somebody please take my money? Done and done.

Back to car. Back to Mom's. It's been over an hour. J is hungry and screaming. H is getting there himself. J is excited to see me. Sliding door moves to let me in, and J puts his hand on the glass in its path. I freak, watching J's hand get squished by the door. Pull his hand free. He is okay, but I may have broken the door. I don't care. All is good.

Go try new key. It doesn't work. New expletives are created.

Leave. Get food. Will deal with faulty key tomorrow. Whatever.

Return home. Look at second car, the one I drive to work these days. Pool of green liquid has formed under car. Shake head despondently, and enter house. (Stupid tri-colored AM lovin' piece of ...)

House smells of cat urine. Cat has been peeing on carpet again. J needs new diaper, bath, food. Cat box needs cleaning. All done. Pee cleaned up. Great cleaner found, gets rid of smell. Great. Good. Cuddle J. Sleep, J. J sleeps. Good.

Cat sits on remote control and turns TV up to around 180,000,000,000 decibels. Fantastic. J sleeps through it. Score!

Life is good. Today, not so much. Tomorrow will be better. I can feel it.

Now, if I can just get to work tomorrow ... (Obviously, the car is not an option.)

Need bath, cry, chocolate, bed ... not necessarily in that order.


Mary said...

Wow! That is one tough day. My sympathies. I hope today is less crappy. Lots of love. Call me if you want to blow some steam. Tweet!

Rigmor said...

Well the good thing that from here it will be hard to make the day go any worse! Hope you got a good night's rest and that things has improved!