Monday, June 19, 2006

Communication Breakdown

H translates for J:

H: I'm terribly upset.
H: It's too late to fix it.
H: Nothing you do will console me.
H: Not even buying me a pony.
H: Although I'd like one.
H: Right now.
H: We'd better be going to get that pony!


On the communication front, J is starting to learn a few more words. He can say "up", "up above" (which he says whenever he wants us to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for him), "Mama", "Daddy", "Baby", and "book" (which sounds more like "boowee"). He does get these terms confused, though, and will sometimes point at his book and say "Baby", and such things.

One of J's new tricks is very endearing. He'll be doing something naughty, and we'll say "No, no". And J will look at us, all perplexed, and say "I Baby!"


J's fine motor skills are developing well. Saturday night, he was sitting in his highchair, putting Cheerios into his cupholder. Sunday morning, he took the Cheerios out of the cupholder. He's also learning about shapes and things that fit. He figured out that his little soccer ball also fits perfectly into his highchair cupholder. This gave him great delight, and much fun was had putting it into the cupholder and taking it back out.

He's really good at the walking thing now. In fact, he can almost run! It's hard to keep up with the little guy these days.

I think he's working on more teeth. He hasn't been his usual happy self lately. He's been crying a lot more, and has been hard to console.


Still not too much into solid foods, but he's improving a bit. He likes hotdogs. *shrug* Whatever he'll eat is fine with us. We bought the all-beef hotdogs and have been feeding him those, along with cheese and bread. Yesterday, he tried a piece of dill pickle, and he didn't seem to mind it. But he objected strongly to the thought of watermelon, which he used to like. And he hates Kraft Dinner.

I hope we will be able to convince him to eat properly soon. I'm nervous about how far behind he seems to be in this particular area. I see children J's junior who will feed themselves cut up fruit and cheese and such things, but J just won't self-feed and has such a strong gag reflex that it's hard to find things he'll eat at all.

(Please eat, J!)


Last week was fairly active for us. H and I went to see H's brother and sister-in-law in their play on Thursday evening. It was a good show, with wonderful singing and dancing. It was a bit longer than we had anticipated, and we were glad that L&P didn't mind watching J for us even still. It's wonderful to have good friends in your corner. They coped with J's crying fits, even though they had their own issues going on that evening. (I hope your foundation is okay!)

Yesterday, we took J to the zoo with some friends for Father's Day. J really enjoyed the camels and the elephants, and he liked the big "Humpty Dumpty" at the entranceway. (I'll post some pictures soon.) But it was a really active day, and J was overly tired by the end of it and was far too grumpy to sleep. He stayed up really late last night, and I'm exhausted now.

Must go get ready for work now. Have a lovely day, all!


Mary said...

Fun times! I always enjoy reading about J's adventures and discoveries. You write with beautiful humour and irony. It works.

memaw said...

Dad and I had a good laugh at the J stories! I miss you guys so much but will be home on the 28th (I hope). Glad the Robeez still fit! Hugs and kisses to you and J.

Draya's Mom said...

I'm sure J will catch up on the food front eventually. My friend E is having the same problem with her little boy. He's almost a year old now (so he IS younger than J but not by too much) but won't do any meats, fruits or veggies unless they're completly 100% pureed.
One of Draya's latest tricks is saying "oh oh" everytime the throws something off her highchair, which, coincidentally, is also how she tells us she's done with her sippy cup.

Trish said...

Mary: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy reading it.

Memaw: Indeed the Robeez do fit. Miss you too, and can't wait to see you when you're back! Give Cooper a kiss for me.

Draya's Mom: J also says "uh-oh" every time he throws something down. He tends to do it quite intentionally, just so he can say "uh-oh". He gets that one from my mom; she says it all the time.

Thanks for the encouraging words!