Friday, June 09, 2006

On the exam

The exam was a tough one. Harder than I'd expected. I have absolutely no idea how I did. I know that I wrote my little heart out. I had to get a second examination booklet in order to finish. I know that I got some of the multiple choice wrong. But other than that ... I just don't know. Depending on who marks it, I may do very well, or I may do very poorly.

Two months of waiting, waiting, waiting to find out. Did I pass? Do I have to retake this devil of a course?

I sure do hope I pass.

On a related note, I should mention that I got high grade across the province for the last course I took. That's three of those nice "you're so smart" letters in my portfolio now. Happy me!

Summer off of school! No other 4 little words could possibly bring me such delight.

J sleeps. So shall I. Will try to post more that is J related tomorrow. Will see how that goes.

'Night all!

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