Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just a 53%

That is all I need on the final exam. Just a 53%. With my quiz and midterm marks, a 53% will get me a passing grade, and I will never have to see this course again.

75% would get me the coveted 80% that I was hoping to get in all of my courses.

But I'm something of a realist. Sometimes. And I'm shooting for the 53% on this one. I'm back at work, with a child, and I've been sick and haven't had time to devote my all to studying for the exam. As long as I pass, I care about nothing else.

53%. Please let me get it.


Still sick. Pukin' sick. Went back to work today, though. But it's icky. I hope this flu leaves soon. I can't cope.


J walks a lot now. He's not so good with talking yet, and really just makes jibberish sounds. But he does enjoy the sound "Uh oh", and he says that frequently. He's also still not so good with eating, and will still only eat finely pureed foods - or else he gags and vomits. But he can really walk. He seems to enjoy it. He laughs and laughs! Today, he walked from the kitchen to the front door to see me when I came home. Then he turned around and walked back to the kitchen to visit with H some more. He didn't even fall down once!


Feverish. Sweating. Bed now. 'Night.

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