Friday, June 30, 2006

City Hall

We took J to City Hall for some fun in the fountain.

He was unimpressed. The water was cold.

J had a doctor's appointment today. He weighs 21 pounds now! We can turn the carseat around to forward facing at long last. I think he'll like that.

The doctor is worried about J's poor eating. J is being referred to a specialist who will work with us to see why J has such a sensitive gag reflex. I hope they can help him. I wish he ate better.

Tonight, I started putting away more clothes that don't fit J. It made me sad. He's still such a sweet little guy, but he's getting so big. I can't believe some of this stuff used to fit him. I'm prolonging clearing out all the too small clothes, because once I do that there will be room in J's room for the crib, and I'll have to move him out of our room. I know it's time; I just don't want to.

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