Monday, June 26, 2006

The colour of money

It's green. I think. Isn't it?

The problem with money is that it is easily spent. The good thing about being back at work is that we have some extra cash. But it really gets eaten up easily. We're not the best with budgeting. And sometimes, we go overboard.

We went to Sears and got some pictures done of H and J for Father's Day. That was H's Father's Day gift, and frivolous as it may be, it was well worth it. (The pictures are really cute!) Then we needed to get our eyes checked (it's been quite awhile), and we both needed new glasses. Lenses are very expensive, and we got soaked on them. And while the benefits package will cover some, it doesn't cover all. So that just stunk. But it was necessary; eyesight is important.

Of course, my course registration is coming up. It should cost around $3,000 to register for my courses for the coming year. That's a pretty hefty price, but we know that education isn't cheap. We knew that going in. We'll be okay.

Today, I made a frivolous purchase. I bought tickets to the Elton John concert in September. Yes, I actually managed to get a pair of tickets. And it was difficult, believe me. They're pretty bad seats, up as high as one can get. But they're not behind the stage, so that's okay. And really, it's more about the music than the sight lines. The good news is that they were much cheaper than the really good seats that I would have loved to get.

So what I'm saying is this: after benefits reimbursements, we're paying something in the range of $4,000 in the next little while. Granted, most of that is school related. But still!!

I am perfectly aware of the solution to the problem. "Stop spending money". Yes. Yes, I know. But the novelty of having cash again hasn't quite worn off. And I do love it so!

But we will be belt-tightening. We've paid off one debt, but have a second one to contend with. And we really should be saving more. And we have stuff to do with our house. Garage. Basement. Stuff. So basically, we'll continue to spend money rampantly while we have it; we'll just try to spend it on good stuff. Home improvements. Debt repayment. Stuff like that.

Wiser than Elton John tickets? Definitely. More fun? Ummmm ...


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