Saturday, November 04, 2006

Arson, good. Gorillas, not so much

J's speech is advancing. He can say puppy and kitty, and he can tell you what they say ("Meow"; "Woof woof"). He imitates sounds that he hears (today, H fastened him into his carseat and said "Clicky", and J responded: "Kicky").

One of his favorite words just now is: "Yeah". (He also likes "No" a fair bit, but he uses it a bit more discriminately.)

Tonight, a very sleepy J was sitting in his booster chair eating (or more accurately, trying not to eat, as is usually the case with J).

Enough with the brackets!

In any event, here is the conversation that ensued at my dinner table this evening:

H: Are you sleepy?
J: Yeah.
H: Do you want to go to bed?
J: Yeah.
T: Do you want to eat your dinner?
J: Yeah.
T: Do you want to visit the moon?
J: Yeah.
T: Should Mommy light the house on fire now?
J: Yeah.
H: Should we all run around the house screaming "Gorilla, gorilla, gorilla"?
J: [Stony silence]

J does not enjoy the gorillas.


J was in a very Daddy mood today. Sure, he had his moments when he wanted me too. But generally, he just wanted Daddy and no one else would do. I was not permitted to touch J's sippy cup; only Daddy. I was not permitted to take J's piece of bread that he no longer wanted to eat; only Daddy. And I was not permitted to cuddle J to sleep tonight; he wanted Daddy.

Daddy was thrilled. I felt rather rejected by the whole thing, though. Especially when J tried to push me off the bed during snuggle time, so he could be alone with his Daddy.

Babies are fickle!

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