Monday, November 06, 2006

Yes and no

Full marks on quiz 4. Yes!

J is sick. No!

Almost done my midterm assignment now. Yes!

It had a case analysis on it. No!

Working on Module 8 and expecting to be done on time. Yes!

Still have much catch up work to do on other modules. No!


We had to pick J up from daycare today. He wasn't feeling well. He was up all last night, wanting to be cuddled. We brought him home and let him sleep for a very long time. Generally, we cuddled him as he slept to make him happier. Then we played for a bit. And then he had his bath and went back to bed.

He seemed to be feeling a bit better after he'd slept for awhile. But he's still not quite his usual self. I hope he feels better in the morning.

And I also hope he doesn't wake up every two hours tonight, screaming his tiny lungs out, and demanding snuggles. You know. Like he did last night.

I love cuddling my baby. But I have homework. And a job. And really, sleep is also a good thing. And it's hard to manage sleep with the way J cuddles. I'm sure those parents who are reading will totally relate to that!

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Draya's Mom said...

Draya has been acting very similar recently. Constantly wanting to be held. Up again & again at night. She cried the last two days when I left her at daycare - she usually doesn't. Maybe they have the same thing.