Sunday, November 19, 2006

Quick baby update

Not much time to post these days. Busy busy. Exam coming up. But I must jot down a few of J's latest antics.


J can talk more clearly now. He says "orange" and "apple". He can tell us what sounds cats, dogs, sheep, and lions make. (The lion noise is particularly entertaining - especially when he confuses the lion with the cat. "What sound does a kitty make?" "ROOOOAAAR!!")

J has a little blue rocking chair with the Pooh-bear gang painted on the back. He will sit in his chair, with his teddy-bears piled around him, and say "Rock". J loves to rock.


J has two favorite teddy-bears these days. Panda is forever a favorite. But he also has a little beanie-baby Pooh-bear. He loves his Pooh-bear, and will ask for it periodically. He gets very excited when he sees it. He refers to it as "Pooh Baby".

The other day, J surprised us by uttering a 3-word sentence: "Hi Pooh Baby".


Yesterday, H took J to the grocery store. H was putting apples into a bag. J said "apple". And then, much to H's chagrin, J reached forward and pulled an apple from the bottom of the pile. You've seen what happens on TV and in the movies when that happens? It is not an exaggeration. A nice bunch of people came to my poor husband's aid, and started to help him put the apples back. And a store clerk was kind enough to come around and let them know that the store would deal with it (they didn't want the bruised fruit back on the shelf anyway).

H was mortified. I, of course, laughed hysterically when he told me.


J gives kisses and hugs. He enjoys having his teeth brushed. He has almost a full mouthful of teeth now! His cold seems to have dissipated, though he still has a yeast rash going on. Hopefully, that will clear up soon.

J also really loves bath time and swim time. He blew bubbles in the pool for the first time two weeks ago, and thought it such fun that he often tries it in his bath too. Very sweet!

J loves stuffed animals and music. If music is playing, he will grab his stuffed animals by the paws and dance around the house with them. He particularly enjoys spinning about in circles and getting all dizzy. And at bedtime or naptime, he needs all of his stuffed animals for cuddling. If one is missing, he becomes quite irate.

J also really loves his iron drops. He will sit up like a big boy and wait expectantly while I dose them out to him. This is fortunate, since he seems to have inherited his mommy's tendency toward anemia. I hope he doesn't have to be on the drops for much longer, but it seems as though he'll have to stay on them for a while yet.


J's appetite is picking back up, now that he is feeling better. This morning, he ate a whole slice of toast with peanut butter and crabapple jelly. He quite enjoyed that. An issue for J is that he wants to eat like a big boy; we can't cut his food into little pieces nor seat him away from the table.

Earlier this week, J ate with a fork for the very first time. He had maccaroni and cheese, and he fed himself with his safety-baby fork from his very own plastic bowl. He insists that he sit at the table with us and eat large pieces of food, just like mommy and daddy. I am glad that his booster seat is adaptable for this. We just don't use the tray any longer.

Favorite foods include peanut butter on toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and french fries. He quite enjoys pita bread as well. (But he wasn't too keen on humus!)


J is generally a pretty happy little guy these days. He is lots of fun! Somehow, though, he decided that he should be carried about instead of playing and running, as he once did. He's looking for more attention and snuggles.

I can't wait for this class to be done, so that I can spend a bit more time with my boy. Exam prep takes up too much time.


Enough break-time now. Back to work!

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