Monday, February 12, 2007

Peel me a grape, you bastard!

Another day, another trip to emergency.

J is still sick. He stopped throwing-up on the weekend, but has continued to have diarrhea something fierce. And he was very lethargic, not urinating as much, and just generally acting listless and very different from his usual happy little self.

He was so obviously dehydrated there was no missing it.

So we spent many hours at emergency with the very moody and irritable J, who made insane demands the entire time (read: title to this post). There was much screaming. J at us. Me at nurses. (Okay, I didn't really scream, but I was annoyed and it showed; I swear it can't take 2 hours to clean a room in ped's!)

Much monitoring of J's condition will be necessary over the next little while. Electrolyte solution must be pushed with might and main. And hopefully, he will start having normal bowel movements again very soon.


I am exhausted. Long day at work. Long evening at emerg. Long night of studying. Submitted my quiz, and amazingly got full marks. But I accidentally screwed a friend over when I gave her faulty advice on her quiz that ended up costing her half a mark. I feel badly about it, because I was very sure of myself. But I guess things have changed over time, and I've been out of the loop for some 3 years now. I should not pretend to know the law any longer; it changes too fast, and I haven't kept up. For the future, I must remember to liberally use those three little words: "I don't know".

Stoopid me!


Miserable. Moody. Tired. Worried. Anxious. Busy. Exhausted. Angry. Guilty. Panicked.


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