Sunday, February 11, 2007

Could make for an interesting video game

"The car has an accelerator and a brake. The accelerator and the brake work, but not very predictably. The driver cannot be sure how strong or how delayed the response to its actions will be. Also, to make the ride more interesting, the driver has only a rear view. The road just traveled can be seen, but the road ahead is invisible.

The objective is to drive the car at a constant speed over a terrain that alternates between uphill and downhill. So sometimes the accelerator must be applied, sometimes the brake, and sometimes neither."

This is a passage from my Economics textbook. If it were a video game, I could see myself obsessively playing it for hours at a time. However, since it is just a description of the Bank of Canada's role in making monetary policy by increasing and decreasing interest rates, I find it rather monotonous. I think I shall fall asleep now.

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