Monday, February 05, 2007

The Name Game (Again)

J has made many new friends at daycare. Today, we received a list of the names of all of the children in J's class. We need to get Valentines for J to give his classmates.

I read the list of names out loud for J. J repeated each child's name for me. Even the hard to pronounce varieties. He smiled happily as he told me the names of each of his friends.

However, he cannot say his own name as of yet. And if I asked him to repeat his own name or those of his two best daycare friends, Bridget and Ava, he decided that this meant we were at the end of the list. But he wasn't finished! So he pitched a fit and called for "More! More!", and made me start over at the beginning.


We are in the market for a new vehicle. Things are in the works, and we may be getting our older car replaced pretty shortly. It is now old enough to drink and vote. Too old for a vehicle, really. It has served us very well for its life, though, and so we have some mixed feelings about it. But we have concluded that it is time.

It's a good thing.

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