Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Great Pretendings

J has taken to pointing remote controls at people. "I'm gonna turn you into rabbit stew", he says, as he pushes the buttons. It's okay; he usually remembers to change us back when he's done.

J has also taken to pretending to be a kitty. He will kneel in the cats' kitty bed and then propel himself and the kitty bed about the room by pushing with his hands. He says that he is a pink kitty. He meows, and scratches at closed doors to get in.

On the morning of J's birthday, we tried to sing the happy birthday song. He wouldn't let us sing, since there was no cake. So we tried one of J's favourite techniques - we grabbed a wooden puzzle and pretended it was a birthday cake. J would not be so deceived. He told us "No, that's Panda's birthday cake", and made us sing happy birthday to Panda instead. Then he grabbed his puzzle-book elephant, took it across the hall to his bedroom, and started swiping it in a slot in his racecar bed as though it were a debit card. "I'm paying for Panda's birthday cake", he said.

It seems that J is starting to understand some of the basics of imaginative play. But he still will not answer to the name "Max". Sorry, Gemma.

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