Sunday, March 09, 2008

Max and Ruby

Yesterday, J and I went to the Mom, Pop, and Tots Fair at the Agricom. We went with K&K and their little girl D. Obviously, T could not attend. L&P also could not go, since L was studying and P broke his ankle earlier in the week and can't weight-bear yet. So K&K made arrangements to take their little girls, I&G, along with all of us. We three parents loaded the four kids into two wagons, and off we went.

A good time was had by all.

J had his very first pony ride. He picked the biggest pony on the lot. It was a big, black pony. J quite enjoyed riding him. He also liked the petting zoo. He petted two bunnies and a little black goat, but really spent most of his time chasing the animals about in their pens.

There was a live "Max and Ruby" show as well. If you've ever watched Treehouse on TV, you will no doubt be quite familiar with "Max and Ruby". The kids didn't seem to really get into the "Max and Ruby" show, and they were more interested in playing.

Or so we thought ...

Today, J and I went over to K&K's for D's 3rd birthday party. G took J out on the back porch. I was not permitted to see what they were doing, and had to hide behind the garage to hear this little exchange:

G: Ok, J. This is the stage. And we're gonna do a Max and Ruby show for my Mommy. You be Max, and I'll be Ruby.


G: Max, what are you doing?
J: I'm not Max!
G: Yes you are. Max, what are you doing?
J: I'm not Max! I'm J!
G: Well, you can be J-Max.
J: Oh. ... I'm J-Max?

I think that was about the time when G gave up. J hasn't quite got a good handle on imaginative play as of yet.

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Draya's Mom said...

OMG that's hilarious!! I didn't know they did that. Funny,we often hear the phrase I'm not (fill in the blank), I'm, Draya out of our daughter too. Soon they'll get it... tee hee!!