Monday, April 28, 2008

Poor little man!

J is sick.

He threw up repeatedly last night. He seemed to feel better after each hurl, but he continued to throw up as the night wore on. We went through an awful lot of bedding and pajama sets. It was well after midnight before J got to sleep.

H stayed home today to look after J. I still can't care for him until the new baby arrives, and it seemed like a good idea to keep the little tike home.

It was.

J awoke at his usual time of around 6:00 a.m., and would not go back to sleep. He had several tantrums, quite out of character from his usual sweet little self. And in the late morning/early afternoon, he started screaming, sobbing, and dry-heaving. He could not be consoled.

H and I decided that J needed to see the doctor.

H took J to the hospital to be seen. Not a long wait. Good doctors. Prompt care and diagnosis. I love the Stollery.

J has a gastrointestinal bug and was slightly dehydrated. They gave him a blue Pedialite popsicle, which he thought was quite yummy. He spilt some on his clothes, so they put him in hospital issue blue and white striped toddler pajamas, which I must admit are really cute!

He seems to be feeling a lot better now. He went to bed early, and so far he is sleeping peacefully.

I hope he doesn't get anyone else sick! L&P babysat J for a little while yesterday, and he played extensively with their two girls. He seemed fine at the time. But now, I'm concerned for the continued health of their family. J's bug is pretty nasty. And little Iz has such a glass stomach

On a bright note, I didn't go into labour while J was vomiting. So much for Murphy's Law. Score!

Also: I am 36 weeks pregnant now. So while I'm not at term yet, I'm in the safety zone - can go to our first choice hospital and everything. Got to get the bag packed. Otherwise, all systems are go!

Still having cravings. Now it's orange creamsicles. Mmmmmm ... so good ...

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