Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, my little man!!

I can't believe you're 3 years old already! Time sure does fly. What a big boy you have become!

Even though you wouldn't let us sing the happy birthday song to you this morning because, in your words: "It's not my party yet!", we hope you have a wonderful birthday and a very happy year!!



Tonight, J's grandparents are coming over to have pizza and birthday cake in celebration of J's actual birthday. My family has three people with birthdays in the month of April, and they will all be celebrated together. Tentative plans are in the works for April 20.

As for J's birthday party with all his friends (and our friends), we need to postpone for a time. We discussed it, and we have concluded that I am too much of a control freak. Having a bunch of people in the house would be pretty stressful and exciting for someone with my personality type, and I'd have a hard time staying still. And while I quite enjoy these things generally, stress and excitement are not good for the baby. So, for the sake of our unborn child, J's birthday party will need to be postponed until after the baby is born.

We told J that his party will be after the baby is born, so that the new baby can be at the party with him. J agreed that this was a good plan.

In the meantime, though, J is getting a new sand and water table for the backyard. J loves to play with sand and water!


Holly A said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet little dude! I hope that party on the 20th was fun. Please tell Jared that his present will be heading his way very soon - I promise!

Trish said...

The 20th was canceled, because we were in the throes of an April blizzard! So we'll try again on another day.