Thursday, April 10, 2008

Imitation ... not necessarily flattering

I get horrible acid reflux in the latter part of pregnancy. It gets really bad at night. We are generally able to combat it with copious amounts of milk. So H has learned through both of my pregnancies that, when I say "Can I have a glass of milk in a big hurry", there is a limited amount of time. He runs like a madman, trying to beat the clock. If he makes it back in enough time, we are golden. If not, there will likely be a big mess.

My husband is fabulous!

Tonight, J was playing in the living room. Suddenly, J grabbed his tummy and said: "I need milk! I need milk! If I don't get milk, I might throw up!"

H and I laughed 'til the tears ran.

Needless to say, J was not in desperate need for milk. He is just fine.


Rigmor said...

Just popping by to say hello and to check how everything's going! (All well, I hope)

Little Jared seems as funny as ever!

Trish said...

Hello! Glad to see you!

Everything is ok. Still waiting on the arrival of baby #2. Still on bed rest. Not much else going on.

I hope you are doing well also?