Saturday, April 19, 2008

Naptime with J

J: Daddy!

H: Yes, J?

J: Can you give me a wall?

H: O ... kay? (I go upstairs and pretend to give J a wall ... and one for each of his many toys. Then I leave.)

J: (Singsong) Crab, crab, crab, crab ... (Bang! Bang! Bang!)

H: J, what are you doing?

J: Nothing.

H: What is that banging noise?

J: That's my lobster.

H: What is Lobster doing?

J: He's banging.

H: Okay. Well, can you please ask Lobster to stop?

J: Okay. (Pause) Daddy, can you give Lobster a wall?

H: Lobster has a wall.

J: And for my bears?

H: Bears have a wall too.

J: But in my teddy bear hammock?

H: Later, J. Please go to sleep.

J: Okay ... (Singing) Mahna mahna ... do doo de Lobster ... (Spoken) I have to go to sleep ... Okay ... That's no problem ...

J is still upstairs talking. He is now trying to decide who is the fairest of us all. Judging from his conversation, Grandma & Grandpa are in the lead.

J will not be napping today.

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