Monday, March 03, 2008

Stomach flu

I have the stomach flu.

How, you may ask, can I tell that it's the stomach flu? How, you may logically wonder, can I tell the difference between the stomach flu and the typical pregnancy type nausea and vomiting that I have experienced throughout the entire pregnancy?

The answer is this. J has it too.

I got sick with it yesterday. J developed the same symptoms this morning. Now, we wait for H to get it too. Our family believes in sharing. Since H is the only fully functioning member of our household, he really can't afford to be sick. Therefore, he is required to catch this bug as well. It's important.

I should be preparing for my exam. It's next Monday, and I'm not at all ready for it. But I'm exhausted and nauseous, and my head hurts. I sure can't concentrate on exam prep.

I think I'll have a nap instead. I'll worry about the exam another day. Hopefully, I'll be ready to write next Monday. So far, I'm not doing so well in my practice exams.

Just get that 53% and move on.


On another note, I am still trying to figure out what key I keep hitting on my new laptop that seems to change certain keys to French characters. It only happens when I'm online. And then I have to close Explorer and go back in. As soon as I do that, the keyboard appears to reset itself. I have no idea how it keeps happening.

I feel less than stellar today. Can't figure out course or computer, and am losing focus.


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