Monday, March 10, 2008

Feelin' Confident

I wrote my Finance 1 exam tonight. Once grades are released and my transfer credit for Stats is processed, I will only have to complete my Level 3 business case, and then I will be done to the end of Level 3.

There are 5 levels, plus some extra university courses.

I have felt really insecure about tonight's exam in the past couple of weeks. My brain has not been functioning well of late, and I haven't absorbed a lot of what I have read. There was a great deal in this course that I didn't know. And my only hope was that a majority of the questions would be on the very few things that I actually knew.

Much praying has been done about this exam. Not just by me, but by a whole lot of people. I feel very grateful that I have such good people in my life.

I went to write the exam. I have a really hard time walking, and I had to take the elevator to the second floor, being unable to do many stairs. I was in a fair bit of pain by the time I made it to the room. The room wasn't open, and I joined the other students waiting on the floor. Getting back up was rather problematic, but I managed.

I opened the exam paper. I read through the entire exam. And I found that only 8 marks were being awarded to questions about things I swear I have never heard of before. The rest of the exam was focused on the materials that I actually knew. Miracles do happen!!

Now, even with that, there were some questions that I struggled with. I'm sure I made some careless errors. And at some points, I did have to guess at the answer since I couldn't remember my own name at that moment. I took my time. I completed the entire exam. I even attempted to answer the questions about which I had no clue.

There were a couple of tense moments. I had to sit up for a full three hours in order to write. And I was in some degree of pain for most of it. I got a bit nervous when I started having contractions partway through. I think my exam moderators noticed and got a big freaked out. But the pains eased up as the exam wore on. At the end of the day, I made it home in one piece. No blood, no preemie baby, no foul. Right?

Two months of waiting for marks release. But the exam is over and done now, and I don't have to think about it anymore. And when all is said and done, I am pretty sure I passed.

Yes, I am pretty sure I passed. Despite the fact that I still can't tell you what they mean when they say "yield", since no one could actually clarify that point for me. We students have been struggling with that one for months, but no one would answer. So we all had to guess. What fun. Believe me, that point was brought up in the course evaluation. Maybe someone will even read it.

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