Monday, March 31, 2008



I took a class at NA for transfer credit to my program of professional studies. I jumped through all the hoops that were required. These guys have lots of red tape, but I fought my way through it and made sure things were done properly. I took the class last fall. Did well, too, despite being on bed rest and unable to actually attend the class.

Now, I just need to get a transcript sent to the accounting association so that the transfer credit can be processed. I've delayed requesting the transcript, because I've been laid up. But it has to be done, so that I can continue on with my program. So on March 17, we faxed the transcript request form to NA. We asked NA to forward my transcript straight to my professional association, as is required. I called NA, and was told that transcript requests get processed in about 4 business days.

On receiving and reviewing the transcript, my association is supposed to send me an email to tell me that the credit is approved. And then I go into their website and pay for my transfer credit. Because you have to pay for everything, no matter how small or stupid.

I still haven't gotten an email. Not terribly surprising, though. The association tends to be a little bit slow. But I want to register for summer, and would like to get a head start, since the baby will be here and time will be very precious. Perhaps someone could hurry it up a bit?

I'd better start by confirming that the holdup is with the association. So I'll start by phoning NA to confirm that they have sent the transcript. That way, when the association claims that they don't have it yet, I'll be able to tell them exactly when it was sent so that they can track it down.

I call NA. I spend half an hour on hold. And it turns out that NA hasn't sent the transcript. And NA doesn't have my transcript request form. Odd that we have confirmation of receipt from our fax, though. Odder still, NA has processed the payment to the credit card that we provided on the form that was faxed. Oh. Um. Oops. Let's just check on that.

More time on hold. Confirmation with the cashier. Yes, the payment has been processed. But they still don't know what happened to the form I faxed. And they can't take transcript requests over the phone. So we have to re-send.

The form is faxed again. To the attention of the person I was speaking with. And I phone her after the form is faxed, just to make sure she has received it. Another half hour on hold. She answers. She has received the form. But she can't get to it today. She'll send the transcript off tomorrow. I'm okay with that. Just please do it; it's tying up my registration. Okay.

So now, I wait. Hopefully it won't take too long for the association to process the transfer credit. Hopefully, I'll be able to register in time.

I'm still contemplating course options for the summer term and the 2008-09 school year. I can't really plan until I meet my new offspring. Different babies have different needs, and we will have to know just how high maintenance our new child is before I can finalize academic plans. While I'm off work on mat leave, do I take an inactive year? A light year, since I have a newborn? Or a regular or heavy year, to take advantage of the time off of work?

Contemplation is being undertaken. However, contemplation is irrelevant at this juncture. I simply cannot make an informed decision until I have spent some time with my new child. J was really high-maintenance as a baby. If I have another like him, I don't think courses will be a good fit next year. But if baby is more laid-back, there will be more possibilities.

Patience is not my strong suit. But I have no choice. Trying to make a decision without knowing all of the facts would be stupid. So we'll wait and see.

Of course, none of this will be relevant if my transcript doesn't get sent or processed. I wonder if it will actually be done this time around. Sure would be nice.

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