Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Basement

Well, the basement appears to be coming along nicely. The fireplace went in today. The installers needed me to go down and see it before they left, so I took an extra trip on the stairs today. One extra trip up and down every so often is alright, I guess. But I can't do it every day. So since I was down there anyway, I got to explore the space and see what's going on. Didn't take long; it's not a big house. I do wish people wouldn't comment on it, though. When my contractors point out that it's not a big room, or it's a pretty small house, it kind of makes me feel bad.

Anyway ...

The shower is in place, and the shower doors were installed today. It looks really nice. The bathroom and hall leading to it are drywalled. It seems the vent fan location needs to be changed slightly, so H will be attending to that. He's said he just needs to attach a bit of ducting. Seems he has a handle on it.

The framing is done, though there is now a bit more framing that needs to go around the fireplace before the mantel can be installed. I don't know how much of the framing we do and how much the installers do, so we will need to check on it and get the requirements for the next stage.

A gasline for the barbecue has been put in. This was done today, together with the fireplace install.

I think D has about completed the electrical, and we'll need to arrange for inspection before Klaus can continue with the drywalling.

Not much left now. Inspections. Installation of sink, toilet, mirror, and vent fan. Fireplace mantel and related framing. Drywall. Built-in bookshelf. Suspended ceiling. Light fixtures and outlet covers. Paint. Flooring installation. Doors, baseboards, and other finishing touches (like trim and the electrical panel cover). So really, aside from the ceiling, most of the bigger work is done.

The fireplace install did not go off without a hitch. A couple of parts were not in stock, and have to be ordered in. And someone failed to tell the installers that the mantel has a hearth. So when they learned of this (from me), they had to go and pick up a base for the fireplace to sit on. Also, the installers needed to core through the concrete to vent the fireplace out. They were supposed to do this with a special coring machine; however, because of the way our house is done, this proved to be impossible. They had to bore through the wall with a drill, which took longer. Really loud, too. And we didn't know that there was going to be additional framing required once the fireplace was in, since no one told us and we are not construction savvy folk. So we need to figure out what is needed and make necessary arrangements. And finally, we have now learned that we have a clearance problem in relation to the venting. So in the spring, we will need to dig down beside the house with shovels, add some gravel, and then put in a bigger window well to connect to the existing weeping tile system.

All in all, a total hassle. But it really does look sharp. And it comes with a convenient remote control for easy operation. And what's more: that blower fan sure does wonders for heating up a room in a big hurry.

I just wish it were easier. Oh, and cheaper too.

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