Wednesday, February 20, 2008

J's first lunar eclipse

J loves the moon.

Some of J's favorite books have historically featured the moon quite prominently. "Goodnight Moon", "The Goodnight Gecko". He will often quote "Noelle the Bulldog" at sunset ... "The sun said good-bye and the moon said hello in the starry night sky".

J always looks for the moon up in the sky, and gets very excited when he sees it. If the sun and moon are both out together, he always points it out. And when my parents were in Hawaii about a year and a half ago, they actually took a picture of the moon so that J could see that it was backwards in that part of the world. Of course, that really lost something in the translation ... flip the picture over, and there's no difference. But they tried.

J loves the moon.

Tonight, J saw his very first lunar eclipse. H took him out at around 7:30 tonight, so that he could see the earth's shadow crossing over the moon. And then they went back out closer to 8:00, so that J could see the moon, all red, covered by the earth's shadow. We told our little future astronomer all about what was happening to the moon. He just sat there, cuddled up in H's arms, staring up at the moon and smiling happily.

J was quite enthralled. He didn't want to come back inside. Much convincing was required.

I understand there will not be another lunar eclipse for 3 years. I really like the stars and moon too, so I briefly got up off the couch and took a quick look. The sky was wonderfully clear, and the eclipse was quite spectacular. I understand J's reaction perfectly.

If his interest in all things celestial persists, we may need to get him a telescope when he's bigger. That would be pretty nice, I think.

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