Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby's Kicking

J is happy about the new baby. He enjoys reading stories to Baby. He talks to Baby. He gives Baby kisses. He sings lullabies, like "Rock-a-Bye Baby" and "Baby Mine" (and sometimes "Mighty Machines"), to Baby. "Mighty Machines" is sung in a rough gravely voice, and J sounds like he's growling at Baby. But it's all very cute.

J is thrilled about the fact that he will be getting a baby brother or sister. He tells people about his baby brother or sister. He has us read books about children who are getting new baby brothers or sisters.

J believes the baby is "in Mommy's navel". He's pretty precise about it.

Earlier, the baby was kicking me. I thought J might like to feel his baby brother or sister kicking. So I called him over.

T: J, Baby is kicking me.

J: {running over and sternly shouting at my navel} Baby-brother-or-sister! Don't kick Mommy!!

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