Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bouncin' and Misbehavin'

J has been extremely hyper lately. We don't know quite why. But he's totally bouncing off the walls.

J's favorite word is "NO"! So much so that he came home from daycare one day last week with a note to this effect. He is most uncooperative. Time outs are frequently occurring in our household these days.

Today, J came home with a note to advise us that he was hitting his friends and throwing toys. Around here, hitting is promptly remedied with time outs. Throwing toys results in the toys being taken away and locked in the closet for a long time ... like weeks or months. But daycare can't implement the same punishments that we can at home, so they try other things.

Apparently, J hit one of his friends. He was reprimanded by his teachers. J responded by apologizing to the little boy, and giving him a hug and a kiss. Sounds sweet, doesn't it? And it would have been sweet. Except that J then continued to hit the little boy so that he could follow up with hugs and kisses. My little 2-year old appears not to understand that he can hug and kiss his little friends for no apparent reason, and thinks this is some kind of game.

I don't want J to bully his friends!!!!!

J was super-grumpy tonight. He was sent to bed early, since he clearly needed the sleep. And we attempted to explain to him at some length that he is not to hit or throw toys. Of course, he's only 2 years old, and I just don't know that he understands these concepts yet. All we can do is try.

On another note, J now has a nightlight. He still doesn't enjoy bed time, but he is not panicked about being in the dark any longer. So ... score!

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