Saturday, February 09, 2008

Horsies for Africa

Today, we were watching TV in our living room. A World Vision ad came on. World Vision is an organization that we certainly support. We feel very fortunate and blessed, and we think it's important to give to those who find themselves in greater need. A chance to help others is something that should never be overlooked.

When the World Vision ad came on, J was affected. There were little children on the TV who looked very unhappy. J doesn't like it when people are unhappy. He wants to make them feel better.

J: Are they sad?

H: Yes, J. They're sad.

J: Those little boys? They're sad?

H: Yes. They're sad.

J: Why are they sad?

H: Well, you know J, you have lots of stuff. You have a house, and clothes, and toys, and food to eat any time you want it. But those little boys don't have those things. They have no toys. Often, they have no food. Some of them don't even have a house where they can live and be safe, or parents to look after them. You're a very lucky little boy. Those little boys don't have what you have. Isn't that sad?

J: Oh. That's why they're sad?

H: Yes, J. That's why they're sad. Some of them would love to have the things that you have.

J: (lying his favorite hobby horse down just in front of the TV) Here you go, boys. Here you go.

I love my son so much!


Liz said...

Actually, child sponsorship programs are the worst place you can put your charity dollars. Most of the money you give them goes to their overhead and getting you letters and things to make you feel good about the money you give.

If you want to get the most bang for your charity buck (so to speak) give to a charity that doesn't have to spend any of your money giving things back to you.

Trish said...

We don't do the whole sponsorship thing, just for that reason. We donate funds to them in more of a one-shot deal to reduce the overhead. And all the information I have seen about World Vision indicates that a very low percentage of contribution dollars is used for administrative purposes.

I still support World Vision and think it's a good organization. And I'm happy to make donations through them.

But really, the post is about Jared's generosity and sensitivity of spirit more than it is about the World Vision organization anyway.