Monday, September 25, 2006


Back. Neck. Shoulder. Chest. Arm. Head.

Basically, my whole right side hurts.

I had to go to the chiropractor today. On an urgent basis. It was so bad I was starting to cry. At my desk at work. Who does that?

Got adjusted. Still hurts. But at least I can feel my arm again, and I made it through most of the rest of the day without weeping.

Physical and mental health are inexplicably tied together. When I feel bad physically, it manifests itself in my mental space too, and then I get all irritable. Just now, my body is working against me. Things that usually make me happy are starting to make me miserable. I hope this eases up soon. Then I will feel happy again. Happy is good.

I'm gonna lie down now. Try to relax, and hope the terrible spasms cease and desist. Hopefully, this will feel better in the morning. One day of it has been more than enough.

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