Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fun with J

Early Childhood Development has been good for J. He is becoming more outgoing. He is learning to sleep on his own. He is experimenting more with language skills. He is eating slightly better.

J does not give kisses. He is just far too busy. But he does plenty of other things. Like high-fives. Which he loves and will ask for over and over again.

J says "night night" when he wants his soother (he only gets it when it's sleep time). And he says "please" when he wants more food and "all done" when he is finished. He also knows sign language for "all done", and uses that fairly often.

He sits in his special toy car to watch television, and he pushes it backwards. And as he moves in reverse, he says "beep beep". When pushing cars forward, the sound he uses is "vroom vroom". Sometimes he falls off the car's little seat, and he doesn't like that so much. Most often, though, he tries to stand up on the seat. He knows he's not supposed to do it. He thinks of it as a game. He climbs; we say no; he sits down. Repeat.

J likes chicken. Specifically, breaded chicken, like chicken strips or nuggets. His favorite meal these days consists of chicken nuggets and french fries. Not the healthiest thing I've ever heard of, but as long as he eats it, I won't complain much. And it should help him put on some weight. Tonight, he followed it with a piece of chocolate cake. Odd how he was too full to finish his chicken but made room for the cake, isn't it?

He is also on a bananas kick these days. He eats bananas every day, and loves them. Quite the difference from the child who hated all things banana. Now, he just can't get enough of them. I am happy about that.

J's school has music classes twice a week. J loves music. Now, every time he hears music, he starts to dance. So cute!

I tried to update my sidebars menu tonight, but it didn't work. The blog isn't publishing properly this evening. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll get the "New This Week" items from back in July out of there, and maybe even put up more pictures! If I have the time. Hopefully soon, though.


Draya's Mom said...

Draya likes hot dogs, ham sausage and crab from california rolls. My mother in law got her to eat a chicken finger but she won't do it for me. We offer her healthlier meats but not much (if any) goes in. Oh well, I figure as long as she's getting some protein its okay. At least they both like peanut butter!

Trish said...

Haven't tried J on crab yet. But I know he quite enjoys shrimp. I'm just happy he eats the chicken these days. He doesn't do well with beef, though. He throws up when he tries to eat it. And he's prone to anemia (just like his mommy), so we have to keep him on iron supplements until we can get him eating more iron-rich foods.

Good thing he's usually into eating eggs. And, as you say, peanut butter is good; full of protein and iron. Yum, yum.