Wednesday, September 06, 2006

J started school

Yes, my boy is in school now. Early childhood development, to be exact. Three days a week. He started yesterday.

H is on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so we figured that would help with J's transition to school; H can stay with him for a bit in the mornings and then pick him up early.

H dropped J off. J clung to him and refused to let go. But H had forgotten to take some things, and he had to go home to get them. He waited for a short time, then left to go get J's missing items. J screamed and cried. H left anyway.

H returned. It was music time. J wouldn't let the teachers put him down, and was insisting on being held. When H returned, J was sitting in a teacher's lap, and she was helping him to clap his hands and feet to the music. J's back was to H, so H figured he'd just sneak in and out. J turned around and saw him there. Held out his arms. Screamed.

H left. He felt that his presence was becoming disruptive to the entire class. He went and ran errands instead. Specifically, we quite suddenly needed four new tires. Yikes! (Don't ask.) Fortunately, my dad got a line on some tires from an auto-wrecker, so we didn't have to pay full price for brand new ones. (You rock, Dad!)

When H returned to pick up J later in the afternoon, J was sitting at a table refusing to eat the Minigo that we had taken for him. Instead, he was trying to steal another baby's Fig Newton. He saw H, and just held up his arms and said "Up". At least no more tears.

The teachers said he was much better after his nap. That was good.

At least they didn't phone and ask us to come and get him.

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