Thursday, August 07, 2008

Panda vs. Garbage Head

Today, J decided that he wanted to take his new raccoon to daycare. (I must call it "Raccoon". Try as I might, I just can't bring myself to call it "Garbage Head".) Daycare frowns upon outside toys, but does make exceptions for teddy bears. So Panda has been J's constant daycare companion thus far. But today, J asked to take Raccoon instead of Panda.

Knowing our son as we do, we know that the novelty of the new toy would wear off partway through the day and that he would want Panda. Especially during naptime, when he tends to use Panda as a pillow. We were therefore hesitant to allow him to switch teddy bears for daycare.

We tried to persuade him. H explained that J would want Panda. H suggested that Raccoon could go along, but would need to wait in the car until after daycare. But J was unmoved, and insisted that he must take Raccoon to daycare. Finally, in desperation, H tried talking for Panda.

H (as Panda): Wouldn't you miss me at daycare, J?
J (as Raccoon): I can easily catch a fish with my feet, Panda!

Once again, thanks to "All About Raccoons" for this little conversation snippet.

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