Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Learn to face the strange ch-ch-changes

So, we're making changes to the blog. Slow. Gradual. Soon, we will even consider leaping headlong into the recent past and upgrading our template to one of Blogspots newer 2007 models. But many of our special features will no longer work without considerable reprogramming, so we shall have to give this some thought.

And by "we", I of course mean "me", as I have utmost control over blog appearance. H couldn't code his way out of a wet paper bag. Whatever that means.

I really shouldn't confess that I have any control over blog appearance. Because I don't like the blog's appearance. And the menus on the sidebar are ridiculously out of date. Though the "People We See" menu contains a number of new blogs. It's been re-organized, too. And I've finally moved the photos from 2006 out of the "New This Week" section. (Note to self: Upload more pictures, so I can replace these with something, or my scrapbooking sister-in-law may murder me. She's still waiting on the picture CD I promised to send a couple of years ago. All part of my grand plan to hide my children from her; I knew she'd give up eventually). The other menus? Well ... I'll get to those later.

Anyway ...

Most of our posts aren't as cryptic as they once were. So the "Tales from the Cryptic" title, which by the way has been done to death, now just seems inappropriate.

Also the tagline. "Because sometimes, you're just a big fat fly on the wall with poor reflexes and bad hair, and it's not all about you". Fun. Interesting. Unique. But really, not reflective of the blog content at all.

I'm not completely sure about the new title. But I think I quite like the new tagline.

What do you think? You, some three or thereabouts readers of this blog? You shall be the deciding vote. Speak! Let your opinions be heard! Or at minimum ... read.


Draya's Mom said...

I like it! And I'm glad that I have finally found the time to catch up on my reading it.

Trish said...

I'm glad! I think it's a nice look. The new Blogger tools are pretty nice, too, so I've been happy to implement them. But it's not as easy to customize a lot of stuff, I'm afraid. Doing my best!