Wednesday, August 06, 2008

All About Raccoons

Lately, one of J's favourite books has become "All About Raccoons", a book filled with many raccoon details. How they search through garbage for food. How they sometimes live in peoples' chimneys. How they learn to climb. Yes indeed. "All About Raccoons".

Today, I fortuitously stumbled upon a beautiful raccoon stuffed toy. Knowing that J would love it, I couldn't resist buying it for my little boy. I gave it to him this evening. He loved it so much. He took care not to get it dirty, and he took it to bed with him tonight, along with his cherished Panda.

Historically, J has been less than creative about picking names for his stuffed animals. They all sport names like "Panda", or "Froggie". Sometimes, they are more descriptive - as in "Blue Bear" or "Big Blue Bear". His most creative choice thus far was when he named his giraffe puppet "Kangaroo". Of course, he just had his animals confused; it is now known as "Giraffe Puppet".

So when I asked him what he wanted to name his new toy, I expected to hear "Raccoon". I was therefore somewhat taken aback when my darling son responded with:

J: His name is Garbage Head.

Alright. Well, if nothing else, his book has apparently taught J that raccoons sometimes go through the garbage.

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