Monday, April 02, 2007

Seriously annoyed

I have concluded that both Home Depot and the manufacturers of their special order blinds are equally useless. Tonight was so ridiculous I had to laugh. I couldn't stop. It was just so incredibly stupid! H is angry. He cannot laugh just yet. I'm sure someday the sheer insanity of the situation will win, and he will see the humor. Really, there is no option.

Seven blinds ordered, paid for, and picked up. So far, we have tried to install five of them. One of the five is okay. The others have glaring defects.

One is over an inch shorter on one side than the other and hangs at a bizarre lopsided angle. Two have controls mounted too far to each side, so they cannot be hung with the brackets supplied (the controls are in the way of the brackets), and one of those has a broken cord. And one doesn't come down at all; the cord simply does not work.

We still have to check the other two. But we took back the four with known problems and asked that they be re-ordered in correct form. And I can't even begin to describe the series of incompetent blunders that we encountered in the next two hours while we tried, desperately, to get this done. It was so ridiculous I broke down into hysterical laughter and just couldn't stop. H is still not laughing. I hope that he will see the humour in the situation ... someday. Just now, he doesn't see it.

I won't detail the evening here. It would be too long. But just know it was probably the dumbest and most ridiculous thing I've ever experienced. (And yes, that includes the guy who once told me that towels were too heavy for a towel bar.)

Toward the end of my two hour experience at the Home Depot, some poor sot came up to customer service and said: "I'm here to pick up my blinds". And I just started yelling "Don't do it! Whatever you do, don't buy your blinds here! Just run! RUN!!!" (I'm not even kidding; I actually did this. And the people working on my situation actually understood my frustration and laughed outright. It was that bad.)

It's still not all done. It's only half done. The return has been processed. The re-order will need to be done tomorrow. Apparently, the only person who knows how to do this works days. Convenient for us, no?


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