Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy birthday, my sunshine!

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. Busy, busy. 'Tis the season, you know.

Yesterday was J's second birthday. We had a party in his highness's honor. A few close friends came by. A few others couldn't make it. Some family came. Some couldn't make it. Such is life for a child born in April. Sometimes, we're bound to hit the Easter long weekend.

I actually got yesterday off work. (Shock! It was tax season! And I took a Saturday off!) I worked Good Friday, though. And a little bit today also. But yesterday, I hung out with H, J, and a few well-wishers.

J enjoyed his birthday party tremendously. He especially enjoyed playing with his little friends. Robbie came from daycare along with his mommy. I'd never met her, and I quite liked her. Sadly, she's moving away soon. She seemed so nice, and I'd love to add her to our circle of friends, but she'll be all the way across the country in a few short months, so I guess it's just not meant to be. Draya, Brandon, Michael (the "big boy" of the group), and J's two little cousins came and played with him. The new slide we'd bought J was set up in a corner of the living room, and it was a big hit. The kids all seemed to have lots of fun climbing up and sliding on down. Robbie loved playing in J's ride-in car, and Michael and Draya both seemed to quite enjoy his motorcycle.

There was pizza, and J had a chocolate and custard "Bob the Builder" birthday cake, topped with Bob and Wendy stampers filled with edible ink. He played hard, ate nothing ('cause that's what he does), enjoyed all his new toys, and eventually went to bed a very happy little guy.

As Lee said: "The party was a success, because J didn't cry during Happy Birthday".

Thanks, guys, for making the day so special for us and our little sweetheart!

Happy birthday, my sweet little man. I love you so much.


Nezbitt said...

I'm sorry we couldn't make it.
Easter dinner-type thing and all.

Happy Birthday J!!

Holly A said...

Happy birthday little guy! Glad you had a fun party and a happy day. Can't wait to see some pictures!