Friday, April 27, 2007

Karma in action

I went to work on Monday. Business as usual. I'd worked all weekend too, and was just starting day 8 of my likely 15-day stretch at the office. As I walked through the parking lot, I was approached by a young man who was obviously in a bit of a tough spot. He stood about 10-feet away from me, not wanting to frighten me but desperate for help. And he explained to me that he'd run out of money in our city and was $18 short for a bus ticket to go back home. He'd been walking around all night, had gone to the police station, and had just been trying to stay safe. And now, he was walking through the parking lot offering to wash cars in order to get the money. I said "Don't wash my car; let me see what I have".

Sadly, I didn't have a $20. But I had a $5 in my purse, that I gave to him. He seemed like a nice fellow, and anyone can get down on his or her luck. I hope he managed to drum up the rest of the money he needed to go home.

Then I headed into the office. Where I found that my lost $45 earring had been placed neatly on my desk sometime Sunday night/Monday morning.

Karma rocks! Now, if someone would just return my lost flashdrive ...

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Holly A said...

Nice story, Trish. Glad you got your earring back.