Monday, April 16, 2007

The physioterrorist hates me

Yes, I was prescribed physiotherapy to deal with the injuries from the car accident.

Seems I'm hurt pretty badly. Many headaches, ranging from minor to migraine. Some blurred vision. Terrible pain in my neck, back, ribs, hips, thoracic cavity. Pain when I walk, especially up or down stairs. Pain when I change position, like from sitting to standing. Pain and numbness in the arms and hands. Weakness in hands. Loss of grip. Loss of coordination. Loss of dexterity. Muscle spasms. Burning sensation in shoulders and between shoulder blades. Restricted head and neck movement. Sleep disturbance. Exhaustion.

The muscles in the neck are badly injured, and the injury can be felt by just touching my neck. There are lumps the size of apricots that bulge outward. My shoulders hurt so much I want to cry. I keep having to take codeine to deal with the pain. But I can't take it during the day, so I have to function without pain meds until nighttime. I use anti-inflammatory cream, heat, ice, jetted baths, pounding showers, and the codeine to try to deal with the pain. And I see the physioterrorist a couple of times a week. He's mostly doing manipulative therapy just now, and is focusing on trying to correct my loss of strength issues. The therapy hurts pretty badly, too. But I guess that's normal. I move very slowly these days; if I walk faster, my hips go out of alignment and it hurts even worse.

This kind of thing would have to happen at tax time, wouldn't it? I'm far too busy at work to have pain interfere with my day. And yet, it does. I guess there really isn't much I can do about it.

I feel helpless.


Memaw said...

I bet acupuncture could help. I will be home verrrry late May 1st. I would love to see you guys soon after.

Holly A said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Trish.

Memaw said...

What car accident??????