Wednesday, January 07, 2009

You're the inspiration

Yes, you are. All of you. You'll soon see why.

I'm glad I've got online bloggy friends. For when I get stuck for a topic, I can often find inspiration by reading others. And so it goes this week, when I have some writer's block issues. Check out the bloggers I link to for the next while, if you don't already. They're fabulous folk, I assure you!


Today's post is inspired by the very awesome Goodfather. You know Goodfather, don't you? Oh, I think you do! But in case you are unfamiliar with his work, you should know that he's an excellent writer. He never welches on a bet. And he has the best blogging costume ever, which knowledge I am sure helps to keep him cheery these days while he brushes up the old resume.

The thing is, whatever life throws his way, Goodfather always rises to the challenge in search of hilarity. Plus he's just a really nice guy. Husband, dad, blogger ... pirate. If only he lived in Saskatchewan ...

Yes, Goodfather is indeed The Last Saskatchewan Pirate ... except, you know, not in Saskatchewan, which may impede his progress somewhat. They have rivers where you live, right Goodfather? You can still pillage and plunder?

Join me in wishing Goodfather well in his job quest. I'm sure he'll get something very soon. Because even in today's tight economy, companies are still eager to hire great people like him. He's all kinds of awesome!


Michelle said...

I agree. I really enjoy his blog as well.

♥georgie♥ said...

awww arent you sweet with the linky loo I am off to check out the goodfather

goodfather said...

Wow! I mean, Arrrr! The video is hilarious! I loved the exchange, 'Arr you salty dog!' Salty cat!' 'Salty...Mozart!' Too funny!

Thanks for link(s)! I am beyond flattered. ;) Yes, we have all kind of rivers here in Washington state, that are flooded right now. I'll have to work to keep me barge afloat!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I agree completely, Good Father is all sorts of amazing!

steenky bee said...

It is well known that I heart the Goodfather. He's good people. This was so kind of you to do a mini tribute to him. Whenever I try to pay tribute anyone, I end up roasting them by accident.

Missed ya while I was hybernating!

mrsmouthy said...

Thanks for the intro. I had been feeling a bit blah on the blogosphere and your links have pepped me up this week!

Momma Trish said...

Michelle - Yeah, he's fun.

georgie - Well, they're all good reads. And I'm having trouble with my inspiration this week. More links will come, I think.

goodfather - Arrrr!

Sprite's Keeper - I know, right? He's great!

steenky bee - Roasting sounds fun too. Missed you too. I'm so glad you're back!

mrsmouthy - Glad the links have helped. There will be more coming. Who knows who will be next? No one is immune from the linky love this week!