Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who do you love?

Okay. I've linked up to other bloggers for about a week now, and I feel pretty good about that. There may well be more to come, 'cause many of my favourite blogs weren't showcased there. But for now, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts and recommendations. What are your favourite blogs? Come on ... give me something to read! ('Cause God knows, I don't already spend more than enough time on the Internet.)

So, okay. You can tell me in the comments. Or you can post on your own site and just let me know about it here. But however you do it, I want to know all about your favourite reads. So tell me ... who do you love?

Gotta go. N is screaming again. One day, I'll try to record this sound for posterity. For now, just know that he sounds sort of like a cross between the attacking Velociraptors from the first Jurassic Park movie ... and Doris the Finkasaurus from The Flintstones' "Son of Rockzilla" episode. Only, you know, far louder and more annoying than either of those.


Captain Dumbass said...

I think you follow most of the blogs I follow. If you want to try something interesting, look up kottke.org. He doesn't actually blog so much as point you to cool stuff.

Cameron said...

Here's one that I don't see in your blogroll.

Karly at wipingupsnot.com

Ok, here's two

Poo at othersideofnormal.com

CK Lunchbox said...

Have you checked out the bunnycage?


or the panic room?


I didn't see them anywhere (PS, thanks for reading me - I'm a big lurker)

Anonymous said...

You have to check out Renee at mommyblogyay.blogspot.com. You'll love her!

iMommy said...

I love AnyMommy at http://anymommyoutthere.com. Also, Dawn at http://psychmamma.wordpress.com is pretty amazing. Oh, and then there's Issa at http://issascrazyworld.blogspot.com. The list goes on....

Brandy Rose said...

If you are looking for funny check out:

They are my favs (besides the Bloggess of course)

Momma Trish said...

Cap'n - Yeah, I try to go through your blog roll. You have some cool stuff there!

Cameron - You're right; I was missing those. They're in there now.

CK - Love reading your blog. Lurking is okay, too. Just glad you're here.

Mrs. Mouthy - I went to check her out. You're right; I love her!

iMommy - So many good reads out there, aren't there?

Brandy Rose - Thanks for the links!