Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Updated: More Random Tuesday Thoughts

Update: It's 1:00 p.m., and marks have now been released. I got 90% in that course. Woohoo!!

Today is marks release day for my last course; the exam I wrote in early December. Marks aren't up yet. So I wait. Impatiently. And while I wait, I blog. Because N is awake, and making his usual noises, and so I can't work on my current course. In which I am ridiculously behind. I may have to defer the exam. Hopefully, I can at least qualify to write.

What to do ... What to do ...


Nothing is so surreal as going out for dinner with your husband and kids to a restaurant decorated for Valentine's Day and being seated at a table adorned with a big pink heart with the names of you and your ex-boyfriend prominently displayed thereon. Especially when neither of you have particularly common names. And then, to further enhance your dining experience, a member of the wait staff walks by and accidentally drops a big tub of salsa on your eldest child. And instead of offering to comp some part of the meal because of that little incident, they begrudgingly offer the child a free dessert, conveniently forgetting that the kids' meal he already ordered actually includes said dessert. The child, who is food adverse and hates all things tomato, is cleaned up to the best of your abilities. And then the child sits at the table with salsa tomato stains all over his favourite shirt refusing to eat, generally playing, and periodically pretend-crying about the salsa whenever he thinks about it. This, as much as anything, is why we don't eat out very often.

I watch Judge David Young. Not for entertainment value. I watch because I fully expect to see a bunch of people I used to know appear on that show eventually, complete with blackened teeth and over-exaggerated hillbilly accents, demanding DNA and polygraph tests from each other and screaming about how he's the daddy of her young'un, and she's an obsessive cheatin' filthy liar, and if he'd just stay outta prison fer longer'n a week he'd know his daughter, and his daughter's now 21 but she's never e'en let 'im seen 'er, and how she ain't never been with no other man (even though the polygraph and DNA tests clearly say otherwise), and how her mama's so ugly and she won't let 'im near the house, and ... There's a reason why I don't know these people anymore. And I feel pretty content to not know them.

I was supposed to have a cast clinic appointment today. But N is all out of sorts, and I just can't take him to the hospital like that and make him wait with me, while we sit there in chairs along with everyone else for most of the morning, and then go for the x-rays, and the consult, and all that. Can't happen. So I had to rebook. The knee is healing; just takes time. Physio will start in February.

N won't sleep. I don't know why. He used to be a pretty good sleeper, but now, he doesn't want to sleep. He just screams. Plus, he eats constantly! At times like these, I really wish I was back at the office, and I question my plan to return on a part-time basis. Maybe being away from the kids at a full-time job would be better for my sanity!

J gets hyper when he's tired. Yesterday was bad, because he and N both got up at 5:00 a.m. Hyper J and screamy N made for grumpy T. I'm feeling a bit better today. J is at school, so I only have screamy N to deal with. I'm over-tired and over-busy, though. But J has learned to pee standing up now, and did so for the first time yesterday. I am pleased with his accomplishment, and think it makes up for a lot. How pathetic am I?

H's sister is coming up for the weekend. She hasn't met N yet. It will be good to have a bit of a visit with her, even if it's short.

Behind in school. More behind than I have ever been before. I see no way to catch up. So I just keep plugging away, trying to get the "qualified to write" status for the class, and then I look at an exam deferral option. I think it's got to be that way. I've become seriously derailed of late, and I don't know how I'll ever fix the problem within the time constraints.

Marks still have not been released. I just checked.


Keely said...

Aw, the 'not sleeping' thing sucks! It's just a phase...it's just a phase...it's just a phase!

Repeat as necessary.

♥georgie♥ said...

90% thats AWESOME!!!!
sorry bout the not sleeping...thats rough on everyone

Captain Dumbass said...

Ugh, not sleeping. My five year old has been doing that lately. SO pleasant when he wakes up.

90%! Boo ya!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on the great mark!!!
Not sleeping blows. I've been there. There are some great resources, but it's not a short road :(
And for everything else, ((HUGS))

Shangrila said...

Congrats on your high marks! Your hillbilly impression is HILARIOUS! Nice post. :)

Anonymous said...

In semi-related news, I almost know this season's bachelor! He lives in my town and my almost brother-in-law is one of his trainers. It's the first person I've ever come close to knowing on TV!