Tuesday, January 20, 2009



J was such a good boy yesterday. It sure makes my life easier when he behaves himself, and I'm glad for those days. He helped me with cooking. He ate some meatloaf and carrots at supper. He didn't eat enough, but at least he ate something. And every time he voluntarily ingests food, we are grateful.

Conversely, N eats an unbelievable amount. I wish he was happy being held without being fed. But he is not. So whenever he awakens in the night and wants comfort, he gets a little snack. I wish he'd sleep through the night. But he won't. And so, neither do I. I'm always tired and unmotivated. I need to find my motivation, but I don't know how.

Caffeine is a good thing. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I have a Cola drink chilling. It's in the freezer, so it will get colder faster. Hopefully, when I pull it out of the freezer, it will be so cold that it will have yummy little ice crystals in it. Soooo good! Plus it will wake me up, and that will also be nice.

My friend, M, has the best pie crust recipe ever. Super flaky and delicious. She shares her recipe freely with others. Armed with recipes for M's crust and my mom's pie filling, I can now make the best apple pie ever. I have some left over in the fridge right now, calling me. I may cave and have some with my Cola. Healthy eating is not my forte.

My fridge needs cleaning. Old food must be disposed of. I hate cleaning the fridge. That and washing dishes. A skilled procrastinator, I'll do pretty well anything else before I take on either of those chores.

My living room irritates me just now. The basement is still not finished, and the main floor living room is packed full of stuff. The couch is in the middle of the room, the toys are piled in weird spots, the baby swing is inconveniently situated, there's still a single bed in here from when I busted my knee and couldn't make it up the stairs, and a friggin' jeep is parked in the corner! But at least the Christmas tree is gone. When the basement is finished, we'll have more space and be able to unclutter the living room. Just takes time. And, of course, cash. And I hate spending.

The cat has chewed through yet another blind cord, making it two blinds that now need to be repaired. I bet a fish would make a good pet. And they'd chew through fewer blind cords, which would also be a plus. Fewer repairs equals fewer things to pay for.

My mailbox continues to perplex me. Bills, bills, bills. I never get any regular mail; just bills. Finances still stress me out. The vehicle issues from the end of 2008 have carried over to create trouble in 2009, and that's totally crappy. I hope things even out here soon. Fortunately, I received an envelope in the mail the other day, and it appears I may already be a winner; that's something.

Financial stuff notwithstanding, I'm actually feeling quite positive today. Just need some caffeine and/or a nap. And maybe some focus on schoolwork. But cash would also be good just now, so I need to figure out how to get some. All things work themselves out in time, I know. Some days, I just forget.

I don't understand why some people are so determined to always be right in every single situation. I don't understand their obsession to prove others wrong. Sometimes, it just doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong. I'll probably post more about this later. But for now, just know that everyone has a democratic right to be wrong. If we disagree, even if you are certain that I am wrong, it really doesn't matter. If I wish to continue to be wrong, perhaps you should just leave me alone.

I'm behind in school again. I think this is becoming too much of a pattern. But I'm still feeling pretty positive about things. I've gotten my first two assignments in on time, even though I've not got a good handle on the readings. Once I finish this course, I'll only have one more class and a business case to complete to the end of Level 4. Can't wait. Once Level 4 is done, it's just university requirements and PACE, and then I'm designated. Still going to take a few years, though.

I've got to follow up on things now. My university application is due in two weeks. And the statute of limitations on that car accident thing is approaching, so I need to talk to the lawyer. J's eating isn't on track, so the nutritionists need to be contacted again. And I've got to arrange for physio on the knee. Too many things ... not enough time.

And I've just spent some of it blogging, so I'd best get back to work now.

Happy Tuesday!


Keely said...

Mmmm...caffeine. Coffee is my caffeinated beverage of choice, but they're all good.

Glad you could join us!

♥georgie♥ said...

I am nothing without my go go juice!

Michelle said...

Wow. That's a lot of stuff for one plate Momma T! Good luck with your applications. As for the coffee... yeah, that's a MUST.

goodfather said...

My only real fear is that I will one day run out of coffee, and be unable to buy more. AND, I love me some pie. :D

Captain Dumbass said...

I think you need a little rest. Then a lot of caffeine.

Momma Trish said...

Keely - Glad to be here!

Georgie - I need a barrel of caffeine.

Michelle - Still working on the apps. Someday soon, they will be done.

Goodfather - My husband keeps trying to get me to cut down on caffeine. But when my head spins completely around, he generally agrees I need my fix.

Cap'n - I do need rest. Never seems to happen. Maybe when I go back to work? ;)