Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ooh baby, it's freakishly cold outside

So, I came up with this awesome flowchart to remember eleven of the different variance analysis formulas I may need for my exam. It's complex and detailed, but it works like a charm. Easy to remember, it can be reproduced with pen and paper in under a minute. I posted it in the course forum for all of my classmates. The course director reviewed it and wrote me to say "This is amazing!", and so I feel all smart. I am flattered. But not so flattered as to do something stupid like reproduce a management accounting variance analysis flowchart here. Because it's ridiculously dull, and no one wants to see that.

Instead, I present random cuteness from our "winter attire" catalogue.

Baby N is wearing a fleecy that will soon not be warm enough, given our cold northern climes. But for now, he is all warm and fuzzy. And quite adorable, if you'll take J's word for it. J says "Awww. He's soooo cute. Is he a sheepy?" And then he taunts N by making "baa baa" noises at him. For about an hour. Then the novelty wore off. (Thank God!)

J sports the coolest winter coat I have ever seen. We found it a couple of years ago; a brand new item buried in a clearance rack, sporting a sweet $3 price tag. Obviously, we nabbed it knowing he'd grow into it eventually. The eyes on the hood double as reflectors for nighttime safety. And it has a detachable black cape on the back, for extra Batman authenticity. (But why a person would detach it, I can't imagine. 'Cause I think it's awesome!) J's hands are a bit blurred in the picture. He was excited about being a bat here, and he was flapping his "wings" excitedly.

So, how about you? Is your family all outfitted for winter? Is your weather already freakishly cold? Do you enjoy snow and winter sports in general? Or do you wish we could just skip those eight months in their entirety? (Yes. I said "eight months". It's terribly cold up here.)


CK Lunchbox said...

I MUST have that Batman jacket - do you think they have adult sizes?!

steenky bee said...

Dang it! I gasped out loud when I saw that Batman coat. Henners has just entered a Batman phase and would love that coat. But, it is not to be... But you know, the cute pics of bundled up children totally killed my sadness buzz. They are adorable. I love the face your little N is pulling.

Queenie Jeannie said...

We live in GA so it doesn't get scientificly cold, but it's FREEZING to us, lol! Yes, we all have new coats. Except for The Bella, she has two!! When in doubt buy both, right??

Loving on your cuties!!!

goodfather said...

Whoa, congrats on the flow chart! That's awesomesauce! Extra bonus points for making it available to your classmates, heh.

We live in mild Seattle, so rain gear is our thing. That batman jacket is so cool! I would totally get one for myself if it was cold here. :D

Cameron said...

It is pretty darn COLD here in the midwest. It's been in the teens at night, and 30's during the day. We certainly do not have 8 months of cold though, although it probably wouldn't bother me too much, I love the cold and snow.

Captain Dumbass said...

The Bat Man jacket is 10 kinds of awesome. We've rotated all the winter stuff out of storage, but of course, out here it mostly just gets wet. Although the long range forecast is calling for mixed rain and snow this week...

The Stiletto Mom said...

How did I live through the earliest years of my sons life without the batman jacket??

It's not cold here. 11'ish and I'm sitting outside might be about 60 or so. There are days I love Texas, today is one of them.

steenky bee said...

Just checking in. Yep, those kids are still cute.

Heinous said...

We're all set. Snow pants and everything...that's for the boy. I prefer toughing it out. I wonder if I can get a batman coat?

Momma Trish said...

CK Lunchbox - If they had adult sizes, I think H and I would be wearing them too!

steenky bee - I've hunted around on the Internet to see if I could find another. But I can't find one. If I could, I'd totally get it for Henners.

Queenie Jeannie - Absolutely, buy both!

goodfather - Not one single thank-you from a classmate, can you believe it? Seattle would sure be nice. We're northern prairies, and occasionally it snows in August.

Cameron - I'm glad someone enjoys the cold and snow. I don't enjoy any winter sports, and the cold bugs me.

Captain Dumbass Yeah, you guys get more rain too. Just like Goodfather. I live in the wrong place.

Stiletto Mom - Texas would sure be nice right about now. You'd have had no need for the Batman jacket there. Too hot! Summer must be brutal, though.

steenky bee - Okay, I'll update!

Heinous - Yeah, we tend to tough it out too. As long as our kids are warm, that's what really matters to us.