Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I hate getting my hair cut. I consider it to be a necessary evil. One that should be put off as long as possible. The result of this is that I often have long shapeless hair that desperately needs some style. When it starts to drive me crazy, I get it cut. Usually, I get it cut into a jaw length bob. That works well for me. It looks good. It looks professional. It suits my hair type and my face shape. And since it's an easy cut, I can just go to the cheapest place to get it done.

Last time I got my hair cut, I asked for the usual jaw length bob. But I apparently managed to get the only hairdresser in town who couldn't handle that. And I ended up with this crazed uneven quasi-bob falling past shoulder length. Longer in some parts, shorter in others. It looked completely ridiculous. So for the past six or so months, I've been wearing a lot of pony tails to hide the differing lengths.

Whatever. It's just hair.

In my usual zen manner, I recently decided that it was time for another haircut. And not being one to learn from my mistakes, I went to the same place. You get different hairdressers each time, so the lady with the pinking shears and anatomy issues (is that your jaw, or your shoulder?) would likely not be there. And she wasn't.

I thought I'd go for a slightly different cut this time. I've worn the cut in question before. And I liked it. And I know it's an easy cut. It's basically a rounded shoulder-length bob with a slight whispy bang and a few longer layers by the face for added shape. Pretty.

I went in armed. I had pictures of the cut. Four different pictures, in fact, showing the same cut from different angles. I showed the pictures to the butcher stylist. I showed her all four pictures. She agreed that it was a simple cut. And she went to work.

I left a few minutes later with a cut that is completely unlike that in the pictures. It's cute. And it's professional. But it's much shorter, heavily layered, with a fuller bang. It bears absolutely no resemblance to the pictures that I showed her. None. Zero.

But at least it's cut. And it's a cute cut. And it's not crazily uneven. So that's something. And ordinarily I might think it was an improvement over what I had before. But I don't.

Why don't I?

Because I have just noticed that the cut I am now sporting ... the cut I did not request and which will take months to grow back out so that it can be fixed (at a different facility, thank you, because I have now learned my lesson) ... the short sassy cute cut that is not what I wanted ... is virtually identical to the cut currently worn by my friend Liz. Who has roughly the same hair colour. Awesome.

Liz doesn't like her cut much either. But that is not what disturbs me. No. What disturbs me is that Liz and I are close friends. We actually hang out. And when we hang out, other people actually see us. And I don't want to look like the freakin' Bobsy Twins!

Here's another issue. Because Liz and I are close friends with similar interests, people have gotten confused in the past. If one of us expresses an opinion, it is assumed that the other will share that opinion. (Now, oftentimes that does happen, but it's not written in stone or anything!) As a result, occasionally Liz or I have found it necessary to gently explain that we are not actually the same person. I'm sure that's obvious, but human nature is such that sometimes people just need to be reminded. A quick word seems to do the trick. Problem solved.

But I just can't help but feel that having the same blasted haircut will only reinforce public opinion that we are interchangeable, when we are not!! And it really pisses me off!!

Ah, son-of-a ...


Captain Dumbass said...

Ahahahahaaa! Oh, sorry. That's unfortunate. My hair is very easy and I can't blame the barber if he screws up because then I'm talking to myself and people look at me funny. And it's hard to mess up. Just shave it once a week.

EmmaP said...

too funny! and you're right - it never seems to look like the pic. thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS yesterday!

steenky bee said...

Okay, I realize I've been sick and a little out of it, so forgive me for this, but two things really bothered me about this post. First, It's just hair? WHAT? It's your head suit! I bawl if I get a bad hair cut. I'm obsessed with it if it's not even. Also, where's the picture of the new do? Spill it, sister! Me wants to see it!!!! Missed you!

Heinous said... two will look so cute together. You should hold hands while your out and about.

Just kidding. My wife complains that her hairdressers never listen to her unless she goes to the really cheap place and requests the one that can follow instructions.

sandy said...

I have learned from experience not to trust anyone with my hair. I cut it myself.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

That is why I found my hair stylist and stick to her...but I also LOVE LOVE to get my hair cut...totally ME time! :)

Lynette said...

Hehe...BOBsy twins. Now that's funny. I do know how you feel. I have a cousin who is very similar in looks and attitude, and it's getting to the point where we try not to buy things if we know the other has them, because we are trying to remain two separate people in the family's eyes, but it's getting harder...

Rhea said...

I'm glad you got a cute cut...but good lord, what's up with hair stylists doing their own thing? We get different cuts every time I take the boys in. Then again, you pay what you get sometimes, and I take them to the cheaper places...

Momma Trish said...

Captain Dumbass - Sounds pretty simple. Maybe I should try that.

EmmaP - No, it doesn't look anything at all like the pic.

steenky bee - Hair grows back, so I try to be cavalier about it even though my little feminine heart is saddened by bad haircuts. I'll try to post pics some time. Hope you're feeling better. Missed you too!!

Heinous - Oh, we'll be adorable, won't we? We should dress alike too, just for added effect.

sandy - I can cut my own bangs, but I can't manage the rest.

Shelle - I need to find a good stylist.

Lynette - I'm glad someone else can relate to the problem so well.

Rhea - Stylists should have a Listening 101 class or something! But yah, you pay for what you get ... and I've learned that I'd best go someplace a little higher end in the future.