Monday, February 09, 2009

UPDATED: Why children are the best!

Tonight found me wearing the same clothes for the third day in a row. (N and I have been sick ... don't judge me!) The clothes in question are an old pair of grey maternity sweatpants (no, I'm not pregnant; they're just comfy) and an oversized black Elton John concert shirt. N had thrown up oatmeal and applesauce down the front of the shirt this morning, and I was too tired to change it, so I'd just kind of sponged it off and carried on.

Tonight, I decided to work out even though I wasn't feeling well. Workouts give me energy. We recently acquired a Wii Fit, and I love using it. I've lost a little bit of weight, but I'm still classed as obese. It takes time. Must be consistent. So I did about half an hour of expert level rhythm boxing tonight. Worked up a good sweat. Tired. Sore arms. Sweating profusely. I collapsed on the couch in a heap and tried to catch my breath.

J was watching from his perch on the other couch. And as soon as I had flopped my ill-clad, obese, sweaty self down, he sweetly said: "You're so pretty, Mommy".

Good boy. I think I'll keep him.


On an unrelated note, someone landed on my blog today by googling the words: "youtube how do I get out of this chicken".

Dear Googler,

I hope you have now somehow found the assistance that you required. But I'm unclear as to how you could have watched a self-help video on Youtube while trapped inside a chicken. Must have been a very large chicken. Please enlighten me. Please also advise as to where I may purchase just such a chicken. It could be useful for large family dinners.


Momma T

PS - "How do I get out of this chicken" was actually in quotes. What is truly alarming is that the unfortunate googler landed on this post. I don't know why.


Cameron said...

How does one get trapped in a chicken? Chicken costome? Chicken's butt? Maybe they stuck an oversized chicken on their head, like Joey did of a turkey on Friends? Regardless....good luck with that. :)

♥georgie♥ said...

Hope you both are feeling better soon!

Google searches never cease to amaze me!

Michelle said...

ROFL! Wow, that's one I've never heard before. I hope you feel better soon. It sucks when mommy is sick. Your little one is quite the charmer. ;)

Holly A said...

It's sure odd that the chicken googler landed on that old pooh post. It is an adorable blog post, mind you. Did you notice my comment on that blog post so many moons ago? Guess what - I never did get copies of those pictures, did I? Good thing I travel, huh?! :-P

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OHMYGOSH...LOVE you little boy! Can I borrow him for compliments? My boy was never taught is manners or duties towards his mother! :)