Monday, December 08, 2008


I am going to post about sickness today. Because really, it's all I've got. There is sickness ... what can I say.

It started when N got what we thought was just a bad case of the sniffles about a week before my exam. He was pretty miserable.

Ever the pessimist, I saw the writing on the wall right then. I figured the very generous N would pass his cold along to the rest of us. H would get it first. He would be laid up all weekend, and unable to care for the kidlets while I studied. J would catch it next. He would be horribly sick and unable to go to school, so I would not be able to study for the days leading up to the exam. Finally, I would catch the dread virus just in time to be thoroughly ill on exam night. But as H readily pointed out: "If you can pass an exam with contractions, you can certainly pass one with a cold." Good point. Still, I preferred not to have to write while ill.

So I prayed. Please, just don't let me get sick until after the exam. Please, oh please, don't let me get sick until after the exam.

As predicted, H caught the cold the weekend before the exam. He was laid up all weekend. But kind and generous family members stepped in and cared for the children so that I could still study. J was hit next, a little later than I had originally predicted. He was home from school Wednesday, the day of the exam. H took a family sick day to care for J so that I could still study. (J's condition worsened on exam night, and he started throwing up. We decided to keep him home for the rest of the week. When we called the school, we learned that Norwalk Virus is circulating. Faaaabulous!)

But it's all good. By Friday, my exam was over. H was feeling completely better. N was almost over it too. Even J appeared to be feeling 100% better. And aside from a touch of nausea, I had escaped completely unscathed.

Could it be? Had I finally avoided catching a cold that had hit the remainder of my household with a vengeance? I am an asthmatic, so one would not think so. But maybe, just maybe it had happened. Finally.

Except that the kids really weren't on the mend. Deceptive little beggars that they are, they apparently simply wanted to instill a false sense of security in their poor mother. And so, late one night on the weekend, with J coughing until he threw up and N barking like a seal on each intake of breath, we headed to the Emergency Room. Two small children, with matching fevers and matching cold viruses. N's cold had turned to croup, and he required steroids. J needed to be watched for dehydration; just keep him drinking, and he should be okay.

But at least H is feeling better. And I haven't caught the virus. It's been two weeks, and I am feeling rather indestructible at this juncture. Two sick kids, climbing on me for cuddles, breathing and coughing directly in my face, but somehow I managed to evade their bugs. Celebrate with me!

Yeah ... Until today, when I awoke feeling like I'd been hit by a rather large truck. J still coughing. N sobbing and miserable, with the mother of all runny noses and croupy coughs. And me, the caregiver, totally incapacitated and unable to function, with a severe headache, fever, ear infection, tonsillitis (again), upset stomach, a hacking cough, and complete exhaustion. I can't even take anything for it, because I'm still nursing N!

It's been a good day. (Riiiiight.) I'm going to bed now. I hope to feel better soon. I hope for no bronchitis, the usual development in an asthmatic with a cold. I hope it all departs from my system very quickly.

I am tired. I am sick. But I still feel blessed, because at least the virus failed to catch me until after my exam was done. And really, that was all I asked for.

So, how about you? Any winter colds going around your household? Do you have a tried and true cold remedy (safe for nursing moms)? Do tell!


georgie said...

Oh wow I hope you ALL get better soon!!!

Cameron said...

This cold and flu season has been nothing short of completely suck-ass. I've had some sort of illness for almost two months, as has my daughter. My son and wife are sick now, and me and the girl are FINALLY getting over it. 2 MONTHS...INSANE.

My advice...curl up in a ball and avoid everybody like the plague.

Heinous said...

Good for you! Well, your timing at least. Not so much for the sickness.

Michelle said...

Oh no :(
You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. I do have a tried and true "medicine" that is perfectly safe for nursing moms... I posted the recipe on my blog a while back when we kept getting sick. Chicken soup has always worked wonders for us (maybe it's because it's a Jewish grandma's recipe?). I hate it when people post links in my comments (swear I'm not trying to advertise) but if you want to give it a shot, it will make you feel better. (If you can't find it, email me and I'll send you the link).
Hope everyone gets well soon!

mrsmouthy said...

Yes, we are still sick and continue to be amazed by the quantities of mucus the human body can produce in an hour. The only time of the day I can breathe is my 15 minutes in the shower. I'm looking into having showerheads installed in every room of the house.

goodfather said...

Ack, I'm sorry the bug caught you in the end! I'm glad you avoided it until after the exam, though, that's got to be SOME comfort at least.

We're all pretty healthy here, at the moment (knock on wood).

Momma Trish said...

georgie - Thanks! Me too.

Cameron - Good advice. I think I'll use it. Get well soon!

Heinous - Yeah, the timing at least was impeccable.

Michelle - I'll check out the soup recipe. Thanks!

mrsmouthy - I want to live in the shower now. Sounds perfect to me.

goodfather - Stay well!