Thursday, December 04, 2008

Da Victory and Da Feet

My exam is over. (HURRAH! HURRAH!)

I think it went pretty well. I lost several marks for careless errors, but that happens. I feel fairly certain that I passed. Probably with something in the 70's or maybe low 80's. Probably not high enough for scholarship money this year, but as long as I don't have to redo the class or re-write the exam, I'll count myself fortunate. Sad, though ... that scholarship sure would have been nice.

Marks get released January 27. I hate the long wait, but that's how it always is. Now, on to my next course ... Auditing. I hope I enjoy this one a bit more.

Since I have been released from my studying dungeon for the time being, I now have time to post this little anecdote.


I took a brief study break one evening last week, and we went out for dinner as a family. I left the table for a short time to change N's diaper, and H entertained J.

There was a nice man sitting at a nearby table who thought J was pretty cute. Kept calling J "Batman", wanting to play peek-a-boo, that sort of thing. While I was gone, he caught J's eye, and he smiled and waved. And J flipped out. "Daddy, I'm scared", J cried out, before hiding in a teeny huddled mass in H's lap.

Once he felt more secure, he decided to strike up a converation with the nice man, who we will call Bert, for the sake of this entry.

J: My mommy broke her knee.
Bert: Did she?
J: Yes. She stepped on the cat and broke her knee.
Bert: Oh! Well ... Is the cat okay?
H: Yes, the cat is fine.
J: But she had to go down to heaven.

Okay, just to clarify this. The cat went to heaven because she'd had kidney failure for the past eight years and was starting to suffer. Not because I crushed her with my giant lard feet of doom.

Also, I know that heaven is "up". I've explained this on several occasions, but J seems unconvinced.


Captain Dumbass said...

Congratulations on being done. And I won't judge you for the cat incident.

Heinous said...

I always though heaven was to the right. No matter, I don't think I'm headed that direction anyway.

Sorry to hear you smashed your cat ;)

The Stiletto Mom said...

Riiiiight, the cat had kidney failure. That's what all cat crushers say.

Congrats on finishing your exam!!

Wyrd's Little sister said...

Congrats on finishing the exam. I am sure you will do fine with auditing. If I can audit, anyone can :)

And as for the cat, it's sad to hear you stepped on it.... I mean that it had kidney failure.

Momma Trish said...

Cap'n - You can't judge! You weren't there!

Heinous - As has been recently pointed out, there is no up or down in space ... so heaven may well be to the right.

Stiletto Mom - She really did! She cost us a fortune! (Which is also not why she went to heaven ... but ... oh, never mind ...)

WLS - Glad to see you! I was wondering what had become of you of late.