Thursday, August 02, 2007

Puppy-Hit-You, and other animal tidbits

J's Memaw stopped by the other day. She gave J a boxing kangaroo from Australia.

T: Is that a kangaroo?
J: No! Puppy!

J has affectionately named his kangaroo "Puppy-Hit-You". Even though he now seems to accept that it is in fact a kangaroo rather than a puppy, he still calls him "Puppy-Hit-You". He loves his kangaroo, and uses it as a pillow when he sleeps. Such a sweet little boy!


On the subject of naming conventions, we found a second smaller snuggly stuffed panda for J to hold and play with. He loves both of his pandas, though the original Panda is still his favorite. He went to visit his Grandma, and he took both pandas with him.

G: (Pointing to the newer panda) Oh! And what's his name?
J: Other-Panda.

My son, folks. Cute as all get out, but not terribly creative just now.


J has learned all kinds of animal sounds. He has learned that sheep say "Baa", and pigs say "Oink". He has learned that lions say "ROAR" (and since this is his favorite animal sound, he has attributed it to any silent animal, also. Who knew giraffes and kangaroos say "ROAR"). He has learned that goats have horns and that sheep have no horns. And he has named his little stuffed sheep "Sheepy-No-Horns" just to bring that point home. But he can't quite get the goat noise down.

T: What does a sheep say?
J: Baa!
T: What does a cow say?
J: Moo!
T: What does a piggy say?
J: Oink!
T: What does a goat say?
J: Sheepy-No-Horns!


J can consistently count to 4 on his own. But then he often gets confused. It is clear, however, that his favorite number is 7.

J: 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 7 ... 8 ... 7 ... 5 ... 7 ...

While we know that he can consistently count to 4, he doesn't really seem to know what the numbers mean. He does not relate "one" or "two" to the actual number of objects present. We trust that will come eventually.

We were out for a short time this evening. We passed a woman. She was walking her dog. Just one dog. And she was by herself.

J: (Pointing out the window at her) Two puppies!
H: J, that's not very nice.


J answers any "Are you a ..." type question with "No! I'm a baby!" For example:

T: Are you a big boy?
J: No! I'm a baby!

The other night, we were driving in the car. J was trying to order us around ... typical 2-year old.

H: Stop being so bossy.
J: No! I'm a baby!
H: Are you bossy?
J: No! I'm a baby!
H: You're bossy.
J: No! I'm a baby!
H: You're a bossy baby.
J: No! I'm a ... I'm a kangaroo!

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Holly A said...

All of these stories are just adorable. Love the way you came full circle back to the kangaroo. The puppy one, though - hmmm, where did he get that one from? Awesome post, Trish. Made me smile.